Day care services

We provide day care services including activity scheduling, recreational and group activities and social skills training for patients with longstanding mental disorders. This is aimed at helping in rehabilitation of such patients and in reintegrating them into the society.

Clinical Psychological Services

We have well trained Clinical Psychologists who provide Clinical Psychological Services for outpatients as well as to the admitted patients in our ward. The Psychology team provides the following services: Psychological testing including Intelligence tests, Personality tests, Rorschach test, TAT, Neuro-Psychological Assessment etc. Counseling – Individual Counseling, Group Counseling, Family Counseling, Career Counseling Psychotherapy for…

Outpatient Services (OPD)

We have well renowned Consultant Neuropsychiatrists to handle outpatient services in a pleasant and silent environment. Our OPD team is always ready to help you with your problems and difficulties. We welcome you to try our services without any hesitation. OPD Hours Morning OPD – Sunday to Friday – 8 AM to 9 AM Afternoon…


We now have a specialist pharmacy in our hospital that is dedicated to stocking full range of neuropsychiatric medications, so that our patients will no longer have to search high and low for pharmacies that reliably stock the latest medications that are prescribed.

Community Mental Health Clinics

We have built our own link with different centers for running once a month outreach mental health clinics with specialist neuropsychiatric consultation services. Besides this, specialist consultations through telephone along with emergency management and referral services are available at these centers, as and when needed. Our current monthly community clinics for this purpose are being…